Amaroo Media – internal mural

Posted by | September 12, 2014 | Graffiti Art | No Comments

A new digital design agency called Amaroo Media based in the beautiful old restored St Nicholas House office spaces right by St Nicks market wanted something eye catching for their soon to be board room wall. I went down to meet the guys to discuss what they thought would look good – an open ‘do what you want’ brief can be daunting and often way too wooly to get anything concrete agreed. I work way better within constraints and after batting around some ideas around the tiger illustration created by Joe Blowen used across their new brand just stood out way beyond anything else.


Recreating the ‘faceted’ shapes was a real challenge – I’d never tackled anything like this before but knew it would really pop out when finished. Due to office hours and my schedule I could only work at night with only Radio 6 music and the sound of midweek revellers down on St Nicholas street for company. I came in and out for 4 nights – each night slowly making my way across the wall.


It was one of those typically intricate pieces that only really fully came together on the last night – I even left a few triangles dotted around the room hidden in various places. As yet not all of them have been found. At 2.30am in the morning feeling wired on tea what else was I going to do to entertain myself…?


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