DBS Music Temple Meads – Internal murals

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If you’ve ever passed by Temple Meads Station in Bristol you may have spotted an old GWR building that has outwardly undergone a subtle renovation – inside it has been transformed into a state-of-the-art music school including recording and teaching studios, rehearsal spaces and a full live stage setup. The upper floor looks out over the Station approach road and has 4 studio suites (after MUCH deliberation) named after various musical luminaries; Bjork, John Cage, Rick Rubin and Clint Mansell. A very talented artist and tattooist friend of mine Ben Stae asked me if I could get involved with this project to illustrate each suite with a B&W portrait outside of each door.

Initially I visualised how it could look and immediately they gave us the go ahead. A few late nights and fumed out of our minds we got there.



Even my youngest daughter got involved…


photo 1

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